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How to Choose Concealer?

Offering more coverage than a foundation, concealer is ideal for camouflaging facial imperfections. It will neutralize and balance the look of a blemish and those dreaded under-eye circles.

  • Consider concealers that are one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Remember that the idea is to make a darker spot blend into your complexion.
  • Select a concealer most appropriate for the area you wish to cover. A creamier version is recommended for the delicate under-eye area, while a drier formula is better suited to other facial skin.
  • Test variations of a yellow-based concealer, since white, green and pink concealers can leave you with colored rather than concealed imperfections.
  • Sample a few versions. Consult with makeup artists from a few lines and request a sample to try. When purchasing from a drugstore, ensure that you can return any item that doesn't complement your coloring.


  • Concealer may be all you need to balance out your complexion. Many women forego the foundation, set their concealer with powder and head out!
  • Go a shade darker during the summer months, when you have a little more color to your skin.

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