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How to apply it right? Place it on certain areas to highlight and define your bone structure. For the most natural effect choose one with a sheer, creamy texture and dab a small amount in the inner corners of the eyes, underneath the brow and along the upper where you are applied shimmer. It minimizes the amount of light your skin reflects, so it mutes the radiant effect you want to achieve.



Apply the blush in a circle on the balls of the cheekbones to highlight the natural morphology of the face.





Apply the blush in a horizontal line to redefine the natural cheekbone contour. Create a round space under the yes to add volume to the cheekbones.





Apply the blush in the shape of a triangle with slanting strokes up to the temples, to make the face look longer and thinner.





Apply the blush horizontally from the nose to the temples to obtain a rectangle that softens the angular nature of the face.

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