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Select Lipstick That Complements Asian Coloring

Lip color can vary by season and occasion. You may opt for more dramatic lips to ring in the new year and stick to a softer shade for a weekend afternoon. Your options are endless, so pucker up and play with that pout.


  • Let a bluish-red lend glamour to a porcelain complexion. Add drama to yellow-toned skin with a raisin or plum shade.
  • Get a touch of color with a tinted gloss. Consider ruby or coffee shades for evening, and mauves, taupes and caramels for day.
  • Choose a lip liner that's a shade or two darker than your lipstick. Lining your lips will add definition and help keep your lip color from bleeding.
  • Balance heavy eye makeup with a more subdued lip color. Pair a bold lip color with softer eye makeup.
  • Skip pastel and frosted shades, which can leave Asian complexions washed out or flat. Do look for soft colors that have a delicate shimmer or subtle shine.


Check out the new color sticks that can go from cheek to eyes to lips. This is a great option for busy, on-the-go gals, or those who prefer a simpler beauty regime.
If you fill in your lips with liner before applying lipstick, your lip color will last a lot longer.


Apply lip balm once a day or choose moisture-rich lip color formulas to counteract dry or chapped lips.

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