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Lipstick adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your look, and it's a great way to even out lips that vary in shade. When deciding on a color, think not only about your skin tone, but your blush and the tones in your outfit as well.


  • Consider lipstick shades that complement your skin tone. Look for deep currants and luscious plums if your skin is ebony or a rich deep brown, and consider coffees, terracottas and brownish reds if you have medium-brown skin. Lighter skin is radiant in varying shades of caramel, peach and coral.
  • Choose a lip liner that is one shade darker than your lipstick color. This will add definition, and when filled into the lips, will promote longer-lasting color.
  • Remember that darker tones will enhance the size of your lips, while lighter shades will appear to minimize them.
  • Wear lip and blush colors that are in the same color family. Opt for coppery and golden lipstick shades when wearing a bronzer.
  • Add a touch of foundation to darker lips before applying lip color. Or fill lighter lips in with lip pencil before applying lipstick to both lips.
  • Choose a finish appropriate to the occasion. Matte formulas offer a classic, more conservative look, while glossy formulas make for a sexy pout.


Experiment with lip colors at a cosmetics counter, particularly if your goal is to even out the color of your lips. Make sure the lighting in the store is good, or slip outside with a hand mirror for a better look.


Matte formulas can dry out lips. Apply lip balm at night to give your lips a moisture boost while you sleep.

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