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Flawless Foundation

The right foundation should make you look like you're really not wearing any at all. Instead, you'll look like you have naturally perfect skin.

Want perfect skin? Fake it with foundation

Over the years as a working makeup artist, I've learned that yellow-toned foundation looks the most natural on all skin tones. You'll know you've found the right shade when it seems to literally disappear into your skin.

Choosing a Foundation

My number one rule is to always test foundation before buying it. The best way is to apply a little on the side of your face -- not on your hand or arm. The idea is to find a color that blends into your skin exactly, so that when you put it on, it makes your face look smooth and flawless. And always, always check your reflection in natural light before you make your purchase.

Don't feel intimidated at the makeup counter -- always feel free to ask questions. A good makeup artist can help you make sense of the different formulas available, from tinted moisturizers to foundation sticks, and suggest the right formula for you, based on your needs and preferences.

If you have oily skin, recommend an oil-free liquid foundation. If you tend to have normal or dry skin, try a creamy moisturizing formula or a stick foundation.

Applying Your Foundation
Stick foundation
Glide on the foundation straight from the stick; blend with fingertips or a dry, clean makeup sponge.

Liquid foundation

Shake bottle well. Dot on, and then blend with your fingertips; oils from your fingertips will help spread the foundation evenly.

Powder foundation
Apply with a dry sponge; wet sponges can streak.


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